Eclat Decoder 60tpi Tire (Black)

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The Decoder Tire the latest addition to the eclat tire family. With a tread pattern based on our super popular Fireball tire, the Decoder uses a much lower profile design with super fine knurling making it fast, grippy and incredibly tough.  This lightweight street/ramp tire features a specially designed grind resistant sidewall protection and is available in two casing options, a 60tpi (80psi max) version with a rubber sidewall layer for STREET, and a lighter weight 120tpi (120psi max) version for COMPETITION.

Available in 2.3″ (56.5mm), and 2.4″ (60mm) options.

Material: 60 TPI casing (for 80 PSI Street version) or 120 TPI casing (for 120 PSI competition version) construction, wire bead

Size: 2.3″ or 2.4″

Colors: 60 tpi: full black, red with black side wall, white with black side wall

120 tpi: full black, black with brown skinwall, army green with brown skinwall


• available as 80 PSI Street version and 120 PSI Competition version

• micro knurling for advanced grip performance

• tough side wall for protection against grind damage


2.3″ 60tpi: 710g (25oz : 1.56lbs)

2.4″ 60tpi: 750g (26.4oz : 1.65lbs)