Eclat Raven Rim (Black)

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The Raven Rim. The concept from the very beginning was to maximize the weight/strength ratio. The Raven rim is the perfect middle ground. It’s a decently light/mid-weight rim, with a chamfered profile and a unique rim structure which make it incredibly strong without looking like a breeze block.

We really went into great detail during testing, to ensure that this was one dependable rim that the team could lace up and ride for as long as they want and not have to worry about a spoke pulling through or the rim buckling under impact. The sidewalls and the outer wall are much thicker than most rims, but the inner wall is thinner since the thickness is not needed, thus reducing the weight.

Material: 6069-T6 alloy, welded

Size: 36mm x18mm, 36h, ERD 387.65mm

Colors: black

Features: super stiff street rim / very thick sidewalls and taller profile for ridgity / straight sidewalls for brake use

Weight: 475g (16.6oz)