Rant LL Cool Peg

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The new peg on the block. Slim , light, mean. The Rant LL
Cool Peg is a plastic sleeve peg with an steel inner core built
for the home boys. With a smaller diameter, we have been
able to reduce weight and overall performance. Grind what
you like. The LL stands for Light and Long-lasting. With killer
graphics, tech materials and killer style, this is your next peg.
When you’re Goin’ Back To Cali, don’t forget the pegs. Sold
as singles with replacement sleeves sold separately.

Material: precision forged steel inner core | nylon sleeve
Length: 4,5 inch (115 mm)
Diameter: 37 mm
Axle hole: 14mm with adaptor for 3/8 inch (10mm) included

Weight: 216g