Shadow Symbol Cassette Hub

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The Shadow Symbol Cassette is the result of an effort to create the most reliable, refined, and well functioning cassette hub possible. With the popularity of plastic hub guards, we’ve also decided to include a replaceable non drive side plastic hub guard to boost the value and convenience factors as well. This combination of reliability, refined design, and functionality paired with additional features such as a non drive side plastic hub guard and beautiful aesthetic design makes the new Shadow Symbol Cassette top of it’s class.

  • 6061 hub body with 2 sealed bearings
  • 14mm nickel chromoly axle with 6mm broach
  • 1pc chromoly driver with 3 sealed bearings
  • 4 pawl driver with individual leaf springs for precise engagement
  • Proprietary Plastic Non Drive Side Hub Guard
  • Left or Right Hand Drive
  • 36 Hole with 9T driver
  • Weight: 549g / 19.35 oz.
  • Spoke Length for Shadow Truss Rim: Drive Side 186mm / Non Drive Side 188mm